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McLean Bartok Edwards is an accounting firm employing a number of Chartered Professional Accountants and students enrolled in accounting programs leading to the CPA professional designation, and accounting technician roles.

We are passionate about guiding our staff to achieve their goals and ambitions as that is the key to providing exceptional and professional services to our clients. Our trained team members provide expert guidance, and mentor-ship to our students while they work on servicing our clients, who are typically small and medium sized, owner-managed businesses from a wide range of industries and locations.

Our Training Program

We are committed to providing exceptional training to students enrolled in the CPA accounting program or others. We are currently training Chartered Professional Accountants, and students in the Bachelor of Accounting program.

McLean Bartok Edwards hires co-op students every year to fill the gap during busy season (January to April). To date, co-op students have hailed from Simon Fraser University, the University of Waterloo and the University of British Columbia.

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McLean Bartok Edwards
840 – 475 West Georgia, Vancouver, BC, V6B 4M9
Tel: 604.683.4533
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E-mail: info@mcleanbartok.ca